Ha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

So that walking thing. 


Basically, I only walked for at least 30 minutes on the days I worked… and that’s because I work in a retail store in which I run around pretending that I know what customers just asked me, when really I’m just looking around with a serious but pleasant expression because I literally have no idea if they even just spoke a language. No one ever said I was a great multi-tasker, and that means I can fold shirts and pants like no one’s business, but I can’t process words for crap at the same time (don’t even get me started on when they have me scheduled as a cashier…).

So, yeah. I didn’t meet my goal…

And that’s okay! Instead, I cooked a bomb breakfast casserole for my family, worked a bunch (even on Father’s Day, when I wasn’t originally scheduled to work), made progress at my new second job, got some alone time, and bought the first of many baby clothes for my sister’s first baby (October can’t come soon enough! I just wanna meet Baby Blair)!

This week, I’m reading chapters from the Narnia series every day. That means it’s nostalgia time! I loved the books so much when my mom would read them to my siblings and me before bed all those years ago. I read The Magician’s Nephew just a few months ago and, goodness, I didn’t want the book to ever end. And I’m a freaking adult now! 

Anywho, here’s to a week of sitting back in my free time with an awesome series of books and a head full of memories to go with them. 


If you’d like to see the complete list of 52 things I’m accomplishing this year, click here to check out my first blog! For now, here’s what I’ve done and what’s to come in the next few weeks:

Last week: Go on a walk for at least 30 minutes every day.

This week: Read a chapter from the Narnia series each day. Remember the nights when Mom read you to sleep with the books.

Next week: Try not to interrupt people. Resist the urge you annoying youngest child. You can do it – or at least suffer internally trying. 



I am a senior at GVSU majoring in Communications Studies. Check out my current blog, "Gwen's 52 Things," here ---> https://gwens52things.wordpress.com/ Check out my class blog, "Exploring Public Relations," here ---> https://gwenpearsonblog.wordpress.com/ Check out my blog about my initial experiences as a GVSU Writing Consultant here ---> https://gwenp2015wrt306.wordpress.com/

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