I am Four Years Old

I enjoy long walks along the river, late nights falling asleep to movies on the couch, and, apparently, coloring like I’m still four years old.

This past week I more than completed my goal of coloring for at least 30 minutes each day. I took out the pages I once ripped out of my adult coloring book (who decided it was a good idea to try to color in a book that won’t stay flat??) and listened to music I forgot I loved while I made my room smell like sharpies. It was magical. 

I forgot how much I like putting colors together and seeing what works and what doesn’t – and as weird as this sounds, I love the indecision of coming up with that color pallette. 

If I’m being honest, the most satisfying part of my crazy week was coloring. I just needed it. 

But, I must move on to the next goal. My sharpies will stay within sight, and I’ll try to spend more time coloring rather than watching tv, but who knows with my busy life…

On that note, it’s a new week and a new goal!

Check in next week to see how I do with going on a walk each day!


If you’d like to see the complete list of 52 things I’m accomplishing this year, click here to check out my first blog! For now, here’s what I’ve done and what’s to come in the next few weeks:

Last week: Color for 30 minutes each day either in silence or with music – no tv necessary.

This week: Go on a walk for at least 30 minutes every day.

Next week: Read a chapter from the Narnia series each day. Remember the nights when Mom read you to sleep with the books.



I am a senior at GVSU majoring in Communications Studies. Check out my current blog, "Gwen's 52 Things," here ---> https://gwens52things.wordpress.com/ Check out my class blog, "Exploring Public Relations," here ---> https://gwenpearsonblog.wordpress.com/ Check out my blog about my initial experiences as a GVSU Writing Consultant here ---> https://gwenp2015wrt306.wordpress.com/

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